How to Release Value in Family Conglomerates

Our latest insight examines ways in which family owned corporations turned large conglomerates can release inherent trapped value for shareholders.

Banks Not Lending? How to Fund Your Business

Banks Not Lending? How To Fund Your Business

Limited access to credit and tightened lending procedures has changed the funding landscape. We explore the growing range of funding alternatives in today’s market.

LuM&A – The Art of Bright M&A | Part 4 – So, What’s in The Multiple?

In the final part of the LUM&A series, we identify the starting point and the different factors that the EBITDA multiple takes into account.

LuM&A – The Art of Bright M&A | Part 3 – What to Expect When Expecting an Offer

How is the value of a business determined? In Part 3 of the LUM&A series we examine some common factors that may impact value.

LuM&A – The Art of Bright M&A | Part 2 – Optimizing Value

In Part 2 of the LUM&A series we identify the key value drivers in a sale process.

LuM&A – The Art of Bright M&A | Part 1 – Optimal Time to Sell

Having built and operated a successful business is an accomplishment in itself; ultimately however, diversifying your asset base and de-risking your future earnings quickly become a priority especially in the absence of an adequate successor.

Management Buy-Outs: 10 Questions

Management Buy-Outs (“MBOs”) are surging in popularity. Financial institutions want to invest in them and management teams see significant potential upside in mastering their own destiny.

Thinking about selling your UAE healthcare business?

A look at some of the key points to keep in mind when preparing and executing a sale.

Merger Mania in the UAE Healthcare Sector

Despite a challenging global economy and low oil price, there are certain growth pockets in the Middle East. One of the most prominent expansion sectors is healthcare.

Selling Your Business: 10 Questions

We have identified the top 10 questions that business owners have asked us over the years, when contemplating selling their businesses.