Funding Solutions

Equity Capital Advisory
We take our clients through our proven process that allows us to understand the business and its goals, develop a robust financial model, create an information memorandum and then go to market to the right contacts. We have strong associations with private equity funds, mezzanine finance providers and alternative asset managers.

Debt Advisory
We provide our clients with support on the structuring, tendering and negotiation of complex debt financing transactions, giving you the advantage of securing the best possible deal in a competitive marketplace.

Project Financing
Project finance in the Middle East market is at a relatively nascent stage, and together with complexities in existing corporate and business laws and practices, presents its own unique set of challenges. Our relationships with banks, infrastructure funds and credit opportunities funds means that we can approach project financing requirements from different perspectives. Our ability to provide a robust assessment of the risks and structures makes us a valuable asset to your team.

Capital Restructuring
As your business moves forward, conditions can change. We work with you and your finance function, existing lenders and stakeholders to restructure how your business is capitalized. We manage the expectations of all parties during the process, ensuring that we create the best possible outcome, whilst allowing your business to continue to move forward.

If you’re exploring the Funding Solutions available to your business, please get in touch with George Traub to discuss your options.

Other Services