Nadia Medical

Sale of healthcare practice specialising in fertility and fetal medicine comprising 10 doctors.


A private equity-backed healthcare business approached the shareholders, who sought our advice on the process. We analysed the offer in relation to the objectives of the seller – financial, commercial and personal – and recommended we conduct a formal sale process to a strategic purchaser instead, which aligned suitably with the shareholder’s strategy.


We modelled the pricing of the business, including synergies to different purchaser groups, consisting of trade buyers, private equity and individual investors. We prepared an information memorandum, together with all supporting documentation, targeted towards articulating trade-buyer synergies and value.


We performed a vendor due diligence which articulated the key transactional issues and solutions. This maintained confidentiality for the seller and minimal disruption to his day-to-day business while at the same time multiple buyers were able to make an informed assessment of the potential value without the requirement for several separate due diligence processes.


We chose an acquisitive UK-listed public company with a stated plan of growing its women’s health business, which enabled the buyer to justify a premium for synergies, thus maximising proceeds for 100% sale of the business.

(Closed: January 2016)