Running a business is hard work. Our senior management team have successfully led, grown, bought and sold businesses in their own right. We are positioned to give you considered, independent advice on the decisions that matter.


Our transaction advisory and funding solutions create value by following a proven process.

This allows our clients to focus on running their business, while getting the best deal and optimal results at the same time.


We work with you to interpret the demands of the scenario(s) and the expected outcomes.


Our team formulate the model and create the supporting documentation highlighting the opportunity and/or strategy.


We take the opportunity to market, creating a shortlist of interested parties that fit the outlined criteria.


Our work is done when the deal is done. We manage the process from end-to-end adding value to your business.

Services Helping you and your business think smart

Our clients are smart people. They understand that big business decisions can be challenging. When it comes to growing or exiting your business, those challenges can become incredibly complex.

We provide you with a balanced, well-thought out approach to overcome these challenges and maximise the value for you and your business.

Explore our services below to find out how.

Success Stories Our case studies

We have extensive experience advising on successful deal completions across a range of sectors, geographies and transaction types.

Insights The latest in industry

Lumina Announces the Successful Deal Completion of The Healthcare Network in the Middle East

Lumina Announces the Successful Deal Completion of The Healthcare Network in the Middle East

Realities of mid-market capital

Speaking to Banker Middle East, we share our experience of private debt and structured capital for mid market companies in the Middle East

An Exit isn’t typically a Full Exit – Here’s Why…

Speaking to Thompson Reuters, George Traub discusses key misconceptions of owner managers about exiting their business

Join us Expanding our business globally

At Lumina, we are looking for entrepreneurial, senior banking or corporate finance professionals to join us and expand our business globally.

If you are a senior partner in your business and want to be your own boss, benefit further from your hard work and nurture the contact book you have built up over your career – now is the time to talk to us.

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